Unboxing Success with E-commerce Product Labeling


We all know how important product labels are on a retail store shelf.  A professionally designed custom printed label pulls the customer’s eye to your product and keeps it there.  Easy as pie, right? But did you know that your logo and product packaging matter even more when presented on an e-commerce shopping site? 

In a physical store, customers can pick up a product, handle it, and view its contents while making that critical purchase decision. Online, the only thing they’ll see before clicking on that Buy Now button is your business logo, the product picture, and the information on its label. 

Here’s the kicker: your logo and professional labeling may have caught your customer’s attention, but the primary marker of success is that the same customer comes back for another purchase. That’s why you can’t go wrong when you pay close attention to every stage in the e-commerce purchasing experience; from the first click on your website to the crackle of the paper as your product is lifted from its packaging. 

So What’s the Big Deal? 

The truth is, a memorable unboxing experience creates a bond with your customer that’s as valuable as an in-person interaction in a physical store. The packaging of your product is an extension of your brand, and can either create excitement or disappointment when it arrives on a customer’s doorstep. 

 Over 50% of Americans prefer to do their shopping online. And it should be no surprise that over 50% of consumers who receive their order in custom packaging are more likely to remain loyal to that company. Clearly, considering thoughtful and memorable packaging (and, consequently, unpackaging) is worth your while. 

Start Spreading the News 

While getting a great ranking on Google searches is always a top business priority, YouTube should be high on the list as well. Unboxing videos are wildly popular for all kinds of products and receive millions of views. Not only does it remind every adult what it was like to be a kid at Christmas, it helps customers carry out their own market research. It’s a great way for your product to speak for itself, and it’s also a fantastic time for your brand to shine through customized, personalized packaging. 

We’re Here to Help 

Are you primed and ready to create that unforgettable unboxing experience? We are custom label printers and we’ve got you covered with fast, quality printing and state-of-the-art design. We are your one-stop shop with product packaging and label sticker printing that will level up your brand and make a first impression that will stick around for a very long time.