Get Creative With Custom Die Cut Labels

Die Cut Labels

No one said it was easy to create that perfect design for your product label. Sure, large corporations have many resources at their disposal and a pretty big budget for their design teams. A smaller company or one that is just starting up needs to be strategic about representing their brand on store shelves or online.

A custom die cut sticker label is a great choice for a new product, because it can take virtually any form and can be designed in a multitude of ways. They are easy to apply, whether by machine or by hand, and they are affordable for any sized company. 

Ready to design the perfect sticker labels for your products but not sure where to begin? Take a tip or two from us, your one-stop Label Shop.

One Step Ahead of the Rest

Most products carry the standard label shapes such as circle, oval, square or rectangle. When you think outside the four-sided box, you set yourself apart from the competition on that store shelf. A unique shape can be instantly more appealing.

Fit the Mold

A custom die-cut sticker label is the way to go if you have a nonstandard package for your product. Nothing looks more professional and complete than a label that is made especially for its packaging.

Showcase a Great Product

Custom die cut means you can use cut-out features within the label to feature the vibrant colors of a healthy drink or the rich hues of oil or honey in their bottles.


Die-cut labels can be designed to emphasize the product information or business logo on the packaging. This creates a neat, professional look and points out essential product messaging.

Bold and Bright

Our printed stickers can be as colorful as you need them to be! Don’t forget that color combos also send a message, so go for red and yellow if you want bold and classic, and blue and green if you want to deliver tranquility and calm. 

At The Label Shop, we add a custom look and branding to your product with our Custom Die Cut Roll Labels. These labels work on virtually any kind of packaging and are precision-cut to your specifications. We offer lightning-fast turnaround times and free shipping on all orders in the US. And we won’t charge you a dime until your artwork is uploaded and approved. Don’t hold back! Get creating and we’ll get printing!