Reusable Cups: Protect the Earth and Promote Your Brand

Reusable cups

Eco-friendly businesses all over the world are making the switch from single-use plastics to reusable packaging; reducing waste and improving their businesses at the same time. And that’s a great thing, considering that there’s far more waste on our planet than we’ll ever know what to do with. 

What’s more, reusable food containers, especially cups, can really get your brand circulating as people take their drinks to go or mingle at an event. Let’s face it; the competition is tough and traditional advertising can be costly. Reusable custom cups are a low cost way to showcase your brand in your customers’ cars, homes and workplaces.

Are reusable custom cups right for your business? Read on to find out more of the benefits and decide for yourself.

Money saver

Your business can save money by investing in reusable cups. Small companies have already saved thousands of dollars by using reusable packaging. The Label Shop offers great discounts for high volume orders.

Branding Bonanza

Your sharp, professional printed logo will appear on every cup. Now that’s an easy way to work that brand with your customer base! When your customers return with a reusable cup, they can get a discount that will encourage them to care for the environment and also return to your business. Win/win!

reusable plastic cups

Germ Control

These days, sanitation practices are more important than ever before. When you use reusable items in-house, sanitizing and cleaning them ensures a far better way to control germs than the long journey of the single-use cup from factory to your customers. 

Naturally, The Label Shop offers the high quality and durability you’ve come to expect from our packaging solutions. You can choose white and transparent options for your custom cups, both of which are the perfect backdrop for that great-looking HD printed logo. Both options are available in sizes that hold anywhere from nine to forty-four ounces of liquid. Naturally, we offer reusable lids to go with them, available with or without a slot for a straw.

Want to know more about saving money, protecting your customers and promoting your brand? Get in touch with The Label Shop and let’s talk about customizing your new reusable custom cups!