Stickers for the Season – How holiday themes can boost your brand

Labels for Christmas

Feel that? That’s the weather turning cold and crisp, which means it’s time to start planning for the holidays. Major brands know this, and their brand stickers are all changing like leaves in fall to reflect the seasons. We all know Christmas is just around the corner just by looking at the cups from our favorite cafes. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you see familiar holiday colors and symbols, and you won’t find many companies who don’t use them to boost brand identity and sales.

There’s no reason why small and growing businesses can’t get on board. Studies show that consumers tend to try new products if the packaging appeals to them on an emotional level. So why not try a seasonal printed label to bring out those positive, comforting feelings? Here are some great benefits to a quick, easy, affordable way to boost your brand’s visibility and send your products flying off the shelves.

Seasonal Stickers Build Brand/Customer Connections

What we want is to create that bond between brand and customer. Positive emotions toward your product are bound to foster brand loyalty. Seeing a familiar seasonal symbol or icon around your regular business logo can strengthen that bond and keep your customers loyal all year ‘round.

Higher Earnings

It’s the holiday season, and people are in the shopping mood. They are really looking for the perfect gifts for loved ones, and those holiday colors and graphics can catch the eye like nothing else. While they are out window shopping, a brightly colored label can pull them into the store to make that purchase. The best part of all is that, with a beautiful seasonal sticker, they might not even have to wrap it.

Freshen Your Look

Time for a little glow up – don’t let people get too used to your brand logo. A short run of holiday sticker labels for your amazing product will get people excited about it all over again. If you happen to have a product that needs a sales boost, you can get it out there front and center with those festive stickers.

We’re here to help

You want to customize some stickers but you aren’t sure about the design? We’ve got a design staff that can work some holiday magic on your logo. Our turn-around times are lightning-fast. Don’t worry that you’ll end up with surplus stickers once the new year arrives – we’ve got short run and small batch order options that can fit your business needs. 

stickers for holiday season