Sticker Printing 101: Rolls or Sheets for My Printed Stickers?

Printed Stickers

Choosing some custom sticker labels for your fantastic new product and think you’re ready to roll? Well, now, not so fast. Roll labels seem convenient and easy, but there’s another choice on our easy-to-use online ordering page. Sheet labels are another option, and they are beneficial for reasons of their own. We’ll explain the differences and why your choice can affect the quality of your custom labels. So before you roll on, stop here for a moment and find out which printed sticker is right for you and your business.

Roll labels

Roll labels are stickers wound around a plastic or cardboard spool on a continuous strip. The adhesives and backing are generally the same as stickers on a sheet. These are affordable for businesses that require stickers in bulk quantities and needing longer runs. The longer you keep the same brand label, the more sense it makes to use the roll. 

Another consideration when making your choice is how you plan to apply your labels. If you are using a label application machine, it will require the roll labels for the application process.

Take into account how many stickers you’ll be ordering. A good rule of thumb is that, if you need more than $250 worth of printed labels, you should go with roll labels.

Custom roll labels can be ordered in just about any size and shape. Your imagination is your only limit, and there are a variety of materials to choose from such as clear plastic and paper gloss.

Sheet labels

Sheet labels are basically just stickers on a sheet of paper that are easy to remove from their backing and apply. Are you a small business just starting out? Maybe you are just building up your budget for product labels. In this case you might consider sheet labels. 

Sheet labels are an affordable, practical option for specific circumstances such as seasonal, short run products. Small batch and limited edition products are also good candidates for sheet labels. 

Application matters – if you plan on applying your sticker labels by hand, sheet labels may be right for you. These labels cannot be used by label application machines.

Look for a variety of paper types, such as high gloss or matte, with a variety of colors and paper sizes.  

Still have questions? No problem. We are a custom label printing company, and we can help you choose the best kind of printed label for your brand. Whether you choose sheet labels or roll labels, we can work with any design or shape. All of our labels are delivered with the high quality you have come to expect. No job is too big or small for The Label Shop – we fill the quantities you need in record time!