The Label Shop Tutorial: How to Apply Sticker Labels by Hand

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Naturally, at The Label Shop we believe that an eye-popping printed label is key to building your brand. But we are also sticklers for precise application. That’s because even the best custom label design on the highest-quality paper looks unprofessional when poorly applied to the product. And that can affect sales and all the hard work you’ve put in building up your brand.

But never fear, because even though sticker application is a critical element in your sales plan, it really isn’t difficult to get it right. We’ve got some tips and tricks to perfect application. Here are some of the key elements you’ll need to keep in mind:

1) Decide on the method. Our die-cut custom printed stickers can be applied by machine OR by hand. It really depends on your business needs whether you spend money on labeling machines or on labor costs to apply labels by hand.

2) Be certain you know where your label will be applied. Always go for the flattest surface if you can. Of course, if you are labeling a bottle, that’s not possible. If your packaging has a line or a seam, this can be a point that will help you position your sticker label on the same spot every time, and will help keep the label straight and even. 3) Make sure the packaging is clean and dry. You want to avoid any bubbling that can happen to a sticker if the packaging is dusty, dirty or greasy. And, as we all know, moisture is the absolute enemy to a well-applied sticker.

4) Time to apply yourself. Here is the part where you might break a light sweat. This is where it counts, and you want to avoid a lot of waste. Carefully remove the backing of the sticker label, without touching the sticky back whatsoever. Apply the sticker to the targeted area evenly and firmly, lining it up with the seam or line that you chose previously. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are applying the sticker to a bottle, place the middle part of the sticker first, then press from the center to each side.

5) Let it be. Leave the product to sit for about seventy-two hours, allowing the label to adhere to the packaging.

The Label Shop are custom label printers and we’ve got answers for your sticker application questions. Check out our website or give us a call and we’ll help you on your way!