Safety First – Creating Customer Confidence with Printed Security Labels

Printed labels

Covid-19 changed the game for businesses all over the country. The food industry has been particularly challenged to stay afloat during a time where hygiene concerns are at an all-time high. Understandably, food delivery has been popular during periods of lockdown, but many customers have been making their take-out choices based on the hygiene practices offered by local restaurants.

Those restaurants who met the challenges head-on employed practices such as no-contact delivery and cashless transactions. However, studies as far back as 2017 have shown that one of the major sources of concern for patrons of restaurant delivery services is food tampering. And now, during this current healthcare crisis, these concerns are even more at the forefront of many people’s minds. 

Providing that sense of security while connecting safety practices directly to your brand will be a critical element in your business plan. Food packaging and printed labels will be your main tools for communicating your food safety practices. 

And that’s where The Label Shop comes in. We are custom label printers and provide tamper-evident custom labels that will seal your customers food containers. The security slits throughout the printed sticker label make it easy to know when someone has attempted to open a package after leaving the restaurant.

You can apply these printed business stickers on any takeout item or to-go container. All of our printed labels supply visual evidence if the sticker has been moved or taken off. 

And that’s not even the best part. These great printed labels will not only ease your customers ‘minds about the integrity of your health practices. They will also associate your brand the assurance that comes with our tamper-proof custom labels.

You can upload your artwork in our user-friendly ordering platform and easily create professional labels with a click of your mouse. It’s never been easier to create customer confidence and get your product label into everyone’s home!

Create a loyal following and give your customers the peace of mind they deserve with a tamper-proof security label solution from The Label Shop