Product Labeling: The Key to Building Your Brand


Building a brand that will stand out among your competitors is a challenge, but when you pay attention to key elements like labeling, you’re already a frontrunner. Shoppers spend, on average, seven seconds on a purchase decision. Printed labels are visual shorthand, pulling a customer’s attention to your product while those precious seconds tick by.

Sure, it sounds like a lot of pressure on just a little printed sticker. But labeling is actually an opportunity to get creative in order to put an incredible product into the hands of your customers.

Labeling is a brand building basic, and the potential success of a product line will hinge on it. Let’s look at a few elements to consider when creating that top-drawer, eye-popping custom printed sticker.

Message on a bottle

Decide on what information the customer needs in the short amount of time they’ll take to decide on your product. It needs to make an impact without being overwhelming. Make sure there’s a way for customers to get in touch and find out more about your company and what you do. The more they know you, the more chance they’ll want to repeat that purchase.

Color it up

Colors are a major factor when drawing the customer toward your product. Yellow and red are often associated with purchasing power, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those are the colors you’ll be using on your custom stickers. Consider the packaging and product colors. Do some market research and take a look at the competition so that your colors have that extra impact.

Fantastic Font

Choosing a great font that will pull the eye to your company name on the product labels is fundamental. Keep it readable, keep it distinctive, and keep it consistent in terms of your brand’s look. This will make it easy for your customers to recognize your business logo stickers and pick up your product the next time they go to the store.

Sizing it up

Yep, size definitely matters. The size of the label will be determined by the size and purpose of the container or packaging you are using. A bright, unique custom label that seals a restaurant take-out bag, for example, indicates professionalism and attention to sanitary measures. A custom cup with a sharp, distinctive business logo will be fantastic publicity as your customer goes about her day.

Your brand building strategy should include a label printing company who can provide labeling solutions for all your company needs. We are custom label printers with unbeatable quality and fast, professional service. Leave it to The Label Shop to level up your labeling game!