Measuring Up – How to Define the Size of Your Custom Printed Stickers

Custom Printed Stickers

Custom Printed Stickers

If you’ve dedicated time and effort to creating an eye-popping brand and are now looking to communicate that on a stand-out, custom product label, you’ll find this article useful.

Whether you are creating product labels for round surfaces like craft beer bottles or security stickers for restaurant delivery packaging, this blog will help you define the exact specifications you need to help your product fly off the shelf.

Flat Packaging

For flat packaging, use a ruler to measure out the surface of the area you need labeled. Always note down your measurements starting with width, then height. If you wish to create custom labels for printing, make sure you convert the fraction sizes into decimals for our online form.

Rounded Bottles or Packaging

Use a sheet of graph paper to wrap around rounded or unusual surfaces, such as wine bottles or jars, etc. Cut it down to the desired label size and use a ruler to measure the width and length.

Tips and Tricks

For label positioning, keep in mind that labels should be placed at least 1/8 of an inch from the curved shoulders of a bottle. The same applies to any type of panel or recess in packaging.

How big should your label be? It depends on the product and the size of the packaging. An average business card is about 2×3.5 inches, which is a popular size for many oval and rectangular product labels. What’s important is to consider the information you want to display on the label, legibility and clarity are key! Your label size should allow your business logo stickers to be easily seen and read. If you have to strain to read your brand name, your label is too small.

Your label artwork should have a bleed. This will give us, your label printer, some space to make up for any movement of the sticker paper while it runs through the press. To set up a bleed, keep in mind that your graphics will need to extend past all edges of the final trim size of your label design by an additional 1/16″.

Our online ordering system is efficient and straightforward. Placing an order takes just a few minutes once you know what size you’ll need. At the Label Shop, we’re available to answer any questions about label measurements and design, so hit us up at or call (682) 237 1130

Note: It’s important to remember that our company is American and uses the imperial measurement system for all our label printing solutions, so make sure you are using inches when you measure!