Clear or White: Which Food Container is Right for My Business?

Food containers

The number one goal of food packaging is function. Containers must promote the quality and safety of the food items within them. In addition, packaging needs to be cost-effective and minimize its environmental impact as much as possible.

Thankfully, it’s not a zero-sum game, recent innovations in packaging mean that we no longer have to choose form over function; food packaging containers can look great to help position your brand while preserving your products’ integrity.

The label Shop’s food packaging solutions allow you to simultaneously showcase your brand and product while allowing you to deliver on your brand promise of great, fresh taste.

Clear Food Containers

Our clear, reusable containers are perfect for showcasing the vibrant, and varied colors of natural foods. These plastic containers are durable and come in a variety of sizes for an upscale presentation of your products. Additionally, they provide a great opportunity to leverage your brand ID on the shelf. Our custom packaging solutions offer a variety of lids to choose from depending on your packaging needs ranging, from basic reusable lids to customized gloss paper lids with a snap-fit.

White Food Containers

If it’s durability you’re after, look no further than our white reusable food containers made from environmentally friendly polypropylene that guarantees to keep food in good condition and reducing the risk of spoilage. The container’s white background acts as a canvas for your product label, printed in HD and full color to position your brand. Check These containers also offer a variety of lid options that range from plain reusable to red and black options that will make your logo pop!

Both of these food packaging solutions are reusable, with snap-on lids that keep food fresh for longer and help reduce contamination.

Contact us if you’d like help in determining which food container solution is right for your business. We will help you determine the appropriate solution and order size to adapt to your budget and needs.